Clever Chinoda, CA


Mr Chinoda is a Chartered Accountant with proven experience in Mining, Banking, Insurance, Project financing and Agricultural sectors. He previously worked for KPMG as a Senior Associate in Financial Services and later took a role as Chief Audit Executive of Cell Holdings (Private) limited which holds a boutique of Assurance and Insurance companies in Zimbabwe, Botswana and Swaziland where he is responsible for audit and compliance functions. He is a registered Money Laundering Reporting Officer and spearheads the Anti-Money Laundering drive.

He became first African Young Leader to receive the President’s Student Service Award from the White House in 2007 in recognition of his sterling contribution to the eradication of poverty in Africa. He has won several awards including Service Leadership awards 2006 and 2007, invited delegate at the Coca-Cola Africa foundation community affairs forum in Nairobi Kenya. He is the Chairman of Conspeed Investments (Private) Limited an investment company based in Harare.

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