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ANF Private Equity

Because we establish a one-to-one relationship with each client we are able to offer timely, individual advice on how to improve your business or personal finances.

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Investment banking & Advisory Services

Management consulting grew with the rise of management, as a unique field of study.

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ANF Capital

Our corporate culture encourages entrepreneurship and the cross-fertilization of innovative investment ideas. We believe that successful investing begins with providing a compelling value proposition to all business constituencies. A win-win approach leads to a solid business environment where customers, employees, strategic partners, management, and shareholders partake in the growth and success of our businesses. We want to partner with entrepreneurs and executives who share this vision.

Executive Team

Meet the people behind ANF

Clever Chinoda, CA

Partner & Executive Vice President, Strategy and Business Development, SADC

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Nabanji Nebwe

Executive Director, Projects & Business Development, ANF Capital Zambia Limited

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Robson Muwani, PhD(c),MBA

Executive Vice President & CFO, New York

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